SI Ocean Project

In 2011, 3.4 MW of wave and tidal energy devices in advanced stages of technology development had been tested across Europe. The International Energy Agency Ocean Energy Systems (OES-IA) vision document, "An International Vision for Ocean Energyā€¯, has forecasted a global wave and tidal deployment potential of 337GW by 2050. Reaching these deployment targets would see long-term benefits including a reduction in carbon emissions, greater security of supply, and economic benefits through job creation and inward investment. If Europe is to maintain a global lead in ocean energy and gain the benefits associated with meeting these targets, an aggressive deployment trajectory will be required.

The goal of this project is to engage a large number of European stakeholders to identify practical solutions to removing a range of barriers to large scale wave and tidal energy deployment.

A key focus will be on increasing participation and input from the commercial sector, namely utilities, large industrial organizations and technology developers. Their expertise and practical experience will build on the knowledge already cultivated by research centers and academic institutions.

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